Thanks for checking out my music! Here you’ll find some of my mixes, as well as my personal collection of mashups, edits, and bootlegs that I’ve played at shows. The majority of them are available for download upon request!

Due to Soundcloud’s copyright policies, much of my work is not available on the Soundcloud platform. Nevertheless, the majority of my mixes are still available for streaming, so please remember to give my account a follow!

Mashups, Edits, and Bootlegs

Fellow DJ’s and audiophiles: feel free to stock up your crates with some of my private and exclusive edits, mashes, and bootlegs! All of these have been time-tested and dancefloor-approved, and some have even been featured by DJ City, the world’s leading record pool! I try and update this as much as I can, so check back here often for new tunes!


Boston, MA

Email: bookings@djtaoboston.com

Inquiries: (781) 519-9573

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